Extremely low upload speeds



I currently have 400/20 sevice connected to a Netgear CM600 modem and ASUS AC3100 router. Usually I receved 420/24 speeds consistently. Yesterday I started getting upload speeds less than 1Mbps. This is causing my cloud camera services to not function properly.


I have connected a wired laptop directly to the modem and reveived same results. Below are the details from my modem.  Last modem reboot was yesterday afternoon. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Startup Procedure
Acquire Downstream Channel681000000 HzLocked
Connectivity StateOKOperational
Boot StateOKOperational
IP Provisioning ModeOverride MDDIPv6 only
Downstream Bonded Channels
ChannelLock StatusModulationChannel IDFrequencyPowerSNRCorrectablesUncorrectables
1LockedQAM2562681000000 Hz7.2 dBmV41.1 dB10
2LockedQAM2563687000000 Hz7.1 dBmV41.0 dB10
3LockedQAM2564693000000 Hz7.5 dBmV41.2 dB50
4LockedQAM2565699000000 Hz7.5 dBmV41.2 dB00
5LockedQAM2566705000000 Hz7.3 dBmV41.0 dB30
6LockedQAM2567711000000 Hz7.2 dBmV40.9 dB20
7LockedQAM2568717000000 Hz7.2 dBmV40.8 dB20
8LockedQAM2569723000000 Hz7.0 dBmV40.5 dB70
9LockedQAM25610729000000 Hz6.6 dBmV40.2 dB50
10LockedQAM25611735000000 Hz6.5 dBmV40.2 dB30
11LockedQAM25612741000000 Hz6.5 dBmV40.3 dB30
12LockedQAM25613747000000 Hz6.4 dBmV40.2 dB20
13LockedQAM25614753000000 Hz6.3 dBmV40.1 dB10
14LockedQAM25615759000000 Hz6.1 dBmV40.1 dB50
15LockedQAM25616765000000 Hz6.0 dBmV40.0 dB30
16LockedQAM25617771000000 Hz6.1 dBmV40.1 dB10
17LockedQAM25618777000000 Hz6.2 dBmV40.8 dB00
18LockedQAM25619783000000 Hz6.0 dBmV40.9 dB00
19LockedQAM25620789000000 Hz5.8 dBmV40.4 dB00
20LockedQAM25621795000000 Hz5.9 dBmV40.4 dB00
21LockedQAM25622801000000 Hz5.7 dBmV40.4 dB00
22LockedQAM25623807000000 Hz5.7 dBmV40.4 dB00
23LockedQAM25624813000000 Hz5.7 dBmV40.4 dB00
24LockedQAM25625819000000 Hz5.5 dBmV40.3 dB00
Upstream Bonded Channels
ChannelLock StatusUS Channel TypeChannel IDSymbol RateFrequencyPower
1LockedATDMA105120 Ksym/sec24200000 Hz49.3 dBmV
2LockedTDMA92560 Ksym/sec19400000 Hz48.5 dBmV
3LockedATDMA115120 Ksym/sec30600000 Hz50.3 dBmV
4LockedATDMA125120 Ksym/sec37000000 Hz50.8 dBmV
5Not LockedUnknown00 Ksym/sec0 Hz0.0 dBmV
6Not LockedUnknown00 Ksym/sec0 Hz0.0 dBmV
7Not LockedUnknown00 Ksym/sec0 Hz0.0 dBmV
8Not LockedUnknown00 Ksym/sec0 Hz0.0 dBmV

Re: Extremely low upload speeds

Issues has been resolved. Had Tech come out today and it appears they were doing some “maintenance” work that was impacting entire neighborhood. Was resolved within a few hours