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I recently switched out modems and I’ve noticed some strange entries on my event log. I don’t claim to understand all the error codes, but I always thought the MTA/battery log entries corresponded to the modem rebooting and, if that’s the case, why is the modem showing its been up for 5 days? Can anyone shed light on this? The modem switch was supposed to take care of the issues I’d been having with my signal as they checked the lines and said everything was fine. I just want to see if this is indicative of issues or just one of those things about imperfect technology. Thanks. Smiley Happy


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What kind of signal issues are you having? New modems will very rarely fix signal related connection problems.


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It was a lot of disconnects and rebooting and they said there were no area issues. They tested the modem and said it wasn’t performing well. My speeds and levels are actually much better now, but these errors are new to me particularly the illegal set up thing. I work from home so reliable connection is super important. Just trying to be as proactive as I can before the situation becomes unbearable.

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I second that a modem change will not correct signal issues. 


Battery log entries on an MTA usually are indicating that there is no battery.


Are you using this device for  Internet and Phone? 



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The modem log entries for missing battery and line status are the result of a modem reboot, not the cause.  Other entries in the error log often are related to line performance issues, which are the likely cause of your service disruptions.


Julia will also confirm to you that Spectrum employees and agents do not include, sell, install, or service the battery in any eMTA modem.  in order to process telephone calls, the cable network requires commercial AC power at numerous locations across their service area.  Providing battery backup only within your modem to allow placing emergency calls is strictly a customer decision.