Email about upgrading modem?

I just received an email stating Spectrum will be updating my modem over the next few weeks but I bought my own modem.  Do not have a modem from the service.


My account shows customer owned under modem, but I don't want them pushing a patch to the wrong type modem and bricking it.  Any more information about what this update will include and is it for all brands of modems? 


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Re: Email about upgrading modem?

I will have to say I also have that concern. I have a customer owned modem  which is active and online and a phone modem from TWC in a box that was never activated because it was for a triple play price point.


Re: Email about upgrading modem?

  • The text of email is attached below.
  • I received this email for service located in NW Austin
  • Upgrades from TWC/Spectrum are expected. The first one is usually the first time a customer owned modem is connected/installed.


Here’s what you need to know 
Dear /name/,
As part of our continued effort to give you the best service experience possible, we will be performing an upgrade to your modem. We will begin updates starting May 31, 2017. Updates will occur between the hours of midnight and 6 am, Monday to Friday, during a 4-week period.
During this upgrade, your modem will go through a series of steps and will reboot. As a result of the reboot, your modem will be offline for 2 to 4 minutes. During this time, you will not be able to access the Internet, receive incoming calls or be able to dial 911 and 611 and your local and long distance residential Voice service will be temporarily disabled.
Your modem should not be powered off or disconnected during this upgrade, as this could cause your equipment upgrade to not occur. Once complete, your device will automatically reboot.
We hope you will enjoy your improved features, security and more with this upgrade.
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redrock in Austin, Tx

Re: Email about upgrading modem?

This sounds like a firmware update. All modems, even customer owned modems, will receive the latest firmware update that Spectrum has tested and approved for your particular brand and model.