Dynamic IP Address Geolocation

The dynamic IP address assigned to my residential account has an incorrect geolocation over 50% of the time. This presents issues when trying to use any streaming service that relies on the geolocation to determine local content. I'm aware of how to release the IP address and restart the modem in hopes of getting a more accurate address, but this would need to be done every time the IP address changes. Is there any way to ensure that I receive a accurate location with my dynamically assigned geolocation?


Re: Dynamic IP Address Geolocation

Nope.. Geolocation does not exist on TWC, they removed it several years ago rather than keep up the database.. All IP's come up as located in Virginia , or wherever they were 5 years ago, many being hundreds of miles off.

 TWC does not use any shortest or best path routing, it all gets funnelled down a "pipeline" to 4 or 5 exit points accross the country.

 Some locations aren't bad, mines only 25 miles off

Wrong city, county.. Many customers are shown in the wrong states.


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Re: Dynamic IP Address Geolocation

Your public IP will only change when you change your modem.  Don't lose any sleep over geo-location not being accurate.  It does make it harder for the bad guys to look you up and find your assets or family members.


Also suggest to your treaming provider that they add a screen to enter your ZIP Code like the unwanted ad spammers do.  That's far more reliable than geo-location, especially when you are in TWC territory.