Does getting Spectrum GIG require home install?

I'm currently a Spectrum customer with the 300 level speed and am interested in getting Spectrum GIG, and am wondering does getting GIG require a pro home install?  I have a Spectrum store down the road from me, could i just get the modem from there and install it myself, or does GIG require a redoing of my wiring?  

I'm asking because Spectrum wants to charge me $100 for the home install, ugh.


Re: Does getting Spectrum GIG require home install?

Generally the Spectrum Gig install fee is $199. There is no re-wiring needed unless you have old coax or filters or traps on your line. I know that when I upgraded to Ultra a few months back they would not let me do a self-install no matter how much I tried to tell them I knew what I was doing. The tech didn't do any wiring or maintenance when he was here, just called the office to provision everything. 


Re: Does getting Spectrum GIG require home install?

You must've been one of the earlier upgrades, they charged people a      "upgrade" fee for a few months (     because they didn't even send a tech if you already had a devmodemice that supported the uprgaded speed) but the PR and complaints were bad enough that they stopped and actually sent refund checks to a lot of people. (Also, even brand new installs are virtually always FREE, no matter what they may tell you.)

They're doing it again with Gigabit service now, charging $199. This time they're actually sending a tech out (probably good considering all the complaints from people who've gotten it)  but still a    fee considering installs aren't actually charged very often.

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Re: Does getting Spectrum GIG require home install?

The install/upgrade fee of $199.00 is charged to every customer either getting installed with the Gig plan, as well as those upgrading.  


It does include home installation, this is mandatory for those upgrades or install for that package. At this time our equipment is required to receive that, at this time there is no customer owned modem options. 


Spectrum Gig Install fee $199.99

Spectrum Ultra Install fee $49.99


The Installation fee for Spectrum Internet Gig covers the demand on our infrastructure, the use of greater bandwidth, and system monitoring. 


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