Disconnects & tons of uncorrectables.

As a preface, I livestream on Twitch for a living these days. I'm constantly monitoring our internet connection and have had disconnects when using a lot of upload over the years. Every time I have had a tech look at it they blame the router and tell me they see no real issue, it's the cleanest signal up the line, yadda yadda.


The last three months have been horrendous though, if I'm streaming at a 2k bitrate I'll get maybe an hour before the connection bottoms out and my connection shows 70/1 when it is usually 70/5.  The last two weeks have shown a huge number of uncorrectables on our router status page, two specific downstreams get up into the millions per day. Is this as severe as it looks or am I reading too much into things I'm not totally familiar with?


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Re: Disconnects & tons of uncorrectables.

You are missing 3 of 4 of your upstream channels on your DG860A.

Only the 37 MHz is able to lock on.

That's definitely an issue... your poor modem is barely hanging on


Your transmit for the missing 3 seems to be:

A. too high

B. struggling against background noise, possible ingress leak


Both situations require a field tech, even if it's a bad modulator/transmitter on the modem itself (broken modem).  More likely to be a leak inside the home or maintenance issue from the tap.  Please schedule or reschedule a TC for this.  The process is the field tech comes and fixes from tap to CPE, and if there's an issue with what's coming out of the tap, the field tech creates an SRO (special request order) for a maintenance tech to follow up and work on the infrastructure that gives you and your neighbors service.  If it's a maintenance issue your neighbors are likely to be having the same issue, and we'd definitely want to know about that ASAP.


Has it been a long time since the cable wiring was last worked on at your address?  Have behind the outlet wallplates (if you have those) been ever checked?  Most "leak" issues are typically something falling apart at the outlet or damage to the line outside.


Hope this helps...  The community here, we'd like to know what is found if you don't mind replying back, even if it was just a bad modem (which is least likely).

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Re: Disconnects & tons of uncorrectables.

s like it's corroded or bad coax connectors or open splitter ports allowing 4G LTE phones to ingress into the modem.

If you're internet only, there should be no splitters. All connectors must be shiny and tight, the center wire shiny copper and extends 1/8" beyond the nuts, must me compression not hex crimped



Re: Disconnects & tons of uncorrectables.

 checked around and there was a splitter left dangling in the basement from when we used to have phone through TWC. Looks like someone in the house just unhooked the box and returned it to them.  Removed the splitter and attached the line back into the amp where it was split from. 


The numbers are looking better since then but three of the four upstream channels dropped off again soon after. I'll be calling for a tech tomorrow I guess.


Numbers after removing loose splitter.


Re: Disconnects & tons of uncorrectables.

Looks like that was where the 4G ingress was getting in as the 699-705 channels look much better now.

Make sure all connectors everywhere in the house are tight and that all empty ports have terminating resistors on them

 Amplifier? Great... take a photo of it, bet it's incorrectly installed like all I've found...