Different speeds in different parts of my city

I have been coordinating with other residents of Avon, OH and we have learned that parts of the city are being offered 300 Mbps internet while others are stuck at 100 Mbps.


I have looked at a couple of places where the 300 Mbps is offered and it appears that the affluent subdivisions (where houses cost upwards of $300k to 500k) are being offered the faster speed over the older neighborhoods.


Spectrum why are offering better speed options to the more affluent residents?


Re: Different speeds in different parts of my city


Those neighborhoods likely also have AT&T, Frontier, etc. offering gigabit service so they want to ensure they don't lose customers. Also, more affluent customers means more disposable income to spend on more costly services.

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Re: Different speeds in different parts of my city

It might also have a lot to do with where Spectrum can quickly get additional fiber and support equipment (CMTS nodes) installed to support the higher speeds.  Understand that ten new Spectrum internet users or customer upgrades to 300 Mbps need about the same fiber bandwidth as one hundred TWC legacy internet accounts with TV and telephone service.