Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

Reposting my issue from 1/3/18, since the “REPLY” button is no available any longer.


Since June, we have been having daily phone and internet outages – one to three times a day. There is no consistency as to when it happens. We are casual internet users – just browsing - no movie streaming or gaming. Sometimes the phone connection will drop during a conversation. Some outages occur even when we are not on the internet or using the phone. We notice the outage because we see the modem is rebooting.


Spectrum has been trying to fix this since June.


The following is a recap of all the things that have been done to try to resolve the outages:

  • 3 new modem replacements (2 Arris and 1 Ubee)
  • New line run from the street to the house - Note that our cable lines are buried and do not run thru trees
  • New line run from the outside house box into the house
  • New line run to the modem
  • New router
  • We have read about 4GLTE ingress causing issues, so we keep our phones far away from the modem.
  • Spectrum tech replaced all cable line connectors and made sure all connections were tight
  • Capped off 2 unused cable lines
  • Modem was moved off the floor, away from all other electrical items, and on its own dedicated outlet
  • On Jan 12th, TWC/Spectrum techs thought they may have found the issue. Back in April (which is when we started having outages), a new cable installation was done at a home about a ¼ mile from our house. This installation was causing extreme noise on the line. So TWC/Spectrum did a complete reinstallation.
  • Outages continued. So, the Tech Ops Supervisor continued researching/working with the PM Supervisor. As a result, a few plant cables were replaced over the past couple weeks.

Unfortunately, we continue to experience 1-3 phone/internet outages a day.

 ?? Does anyone have any other ideas how to resolve this??


Additional information

  1. Location: Mogadore, OH   44260 – Single family complex
  2. Spectrum services: Internet, Phone, Cable TV
  3. Modem: Arris TG1672G
  4. Router: Cisco Linksys EA4500 N9000 router
  5. Firmware Name: TS0901103J6TW2_072417_16XX.GW_PC20_TW
  6. Firmware Build Time: Mon Jul 24 11:08:24 EDT 2017
  7. eSAFE 0 FW Revision: TS0901103J6TW2_072417_ARRIS_GW
  8. Speed test: Download Speed: 37257 kbps (4657.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
  9. Upload Speed: 6175 kbps (771.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
  10. Latency: 10 ms

Further down, I will post pics of our recent status page and Event Log info – notice the January 1, 1970 activity!


Here is a screen shot of a wacky status page from 2/16 - lots of Correcteds/Uncorrectables



Here is recent status page and Event Log info – notice the January 1, 1970 activity!



Any suggestions on how to get this finally fixed would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

Take a photo of the tap off at the street... This is a coaxial issue, probably along the street somewhere.. Let's see how bad the pedestals are...



Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

I'll take a photo tomorrow when I get home from work.  Thanks MsRaye!


Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

copy and paste the signal page tomorrow. The partial service errors are telling me there's channels dropping as well.

this could be ingress from tv ch's 45,47,49,50 and 4G cellular

Have you seen them cutting in new lines the past 2 days?



Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

Hi MsRaye!

Here's pics of the street pedestal... is this what you need to see?

I haven't seen any new lines going in recently.

I am at work now, but when I get home tonight I will post a pic of a fresh signal page.

Thanks for your help!


Proven Sharer

Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

Customer @BVW has expressed major concern about entries in the status log bearing the date stamp January 1, 1970.  He is apparently not aware that 1/1/1970 is always the default starting date in the modem's memory after a power cycle.  So far nobody has advised him that it's part of the DOCSIS  specification for all modems and nothing to worry about by itself.  The real question is "Why didn't my modem reset its internal clock from the host server?" and the answer usually appears in the prior few lines of the status log.  In his case the previous entry says SYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Loss of Sync", and the next two lines are "No ranging response received - T3 timeout", followed by "RCS Partial Signal."

The reported data transfer speeds suggest the modem is provisioned for 30 Mbps down / 5 Mbps Up.


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looks like a new neighborhood per pedestal style and locked... Need a photo of the grounding block on the house.



Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

OK... you won't believe this...   internet/phone outage  occured while I was posting the current log status!  Now that I am back online, I will post both the 'before' and 'after' status logs.











Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

Looks like a total loss of signal and a reset

Or maybe a power loss.

 There were no errors since the 18th which is strange, wonder if this is a bad modem or bad power supply/




Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

Here's pics of the outside the house grounding block