Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

Closer pic of amplifier

Pic of where green groud wire connects and where  ground wire goes into floor





Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

are there really 5 cable boxes or DVR's connected?

 if not, there need to be terminators on those wall plates like what's on the empty amp ports.


The 2 way splitter is not needed as the voip port on the amplifier is a 2 way splitter port. 

While I see the bare wire out of the transfer switch for the genny, the proper ground point is the wire heading to the ground rod that I marked in the earlier photo.  The phone line surge protector should also go to that ground point.

 BTW, the sense wires for the genny shouldn't be tie wrapped alongside that ground wire.

 I'm also a little concerned about the transfer switch grounding.  It appears to be using 3 rather than 4 conductor cable between the main breaker in the load center and the transfer switch.  You may have 2 seperate bonds between neutral and ground which is  incorrectly installed .  if the transfer switch has main breakers in it, then that needs to be the point where the  neutral to ground bond is as well as where the ground rod is connected and then 4 conductors run into your main breaker panel with no ground to neutral bond...  The main panel must have a non grounded neutral buss in it and a seperate, bonded to the steel enclosure, ground buss bar.  The entire install is wrong if there is an additional ground rod at the generator and may be a noise source, especially if it is on metalic natural gas lines...

What's unknown is ifchanging the above will cure the noise problems unless it only occurs when the generator is running. with the house on it as a load.  

 Other than the splitter, the electrical issue isn't one you should attempt to do yourself.  Looking at the pics, I'm pretty sure it's not correct since the outside meter doesn't have the main breaker between it and the  transfer switch



 If there are other homes wired the same way, especially with a single ground rod in the basement floor , It could be creating a really noisy node.


I have seen many improperly installed generators that created ground loop noise including at TWC head ends....



Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

this is also a troublesome  image that raises too many questions: why wasn't all of the rod driven in? is it simply laying in the  slag/ concrete?



Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

Here's the inside of that transfer switch.... It has the main 200A disconnect/ breaker and the bond between neutral and ground factory installed.  If there is only 3 wires between it and your main panel, that may very well be where you're having a noise issue.

 The ground rod wire needs to go to this bonding point and a 4th ground wire run alongside the 3 conductors and to a seperate ground buss with the neutral not tied to it in your main load center.  If someone took out the bonding screw that's even worst as there is now no earth to neutral bond other than that questionable ground rod and only othe r ground connection being the shield of the cable tv coax.





Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

Hi MsRaye,


We have 4 DVR/cable boxes – below is a closer pic.

Note that there are no natural gas lines in this area and the generator is never running when outages occur.


I appreciate all the details you have provided and I will share this information with the technician tomorrow when he is on-site to install the secondary modem.



Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

Have them move the cable ground to the wire going to the ground rod wire I marked rather than the generator ground wire..

I'd also use the emta port on the amplifier rather than an ext splitter. BTW, the POE filter on the input of that amp is useless as there's no reverse path above 50 mHz anyway. I assume you have some sort of MOCA, WHDVR setup requiring it ( the inline filter with red band)


 I really think this needs a qualified electrician to fix the grounding, the building inspector should have never passed that ground rod or the way the transfer sw is wired.  even if when the house was built or if the genset was added later. 

Where is the phone line surge protector grounded?

 Is there a second ground rod outside?



Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

here's probably how the transfer sw should be wired:

since it has the main disconnect in it, that is where the neutral to ground tie must be.  and there should not be a neutral to ground tie in the main panel....



Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts


Thank you for the detailed pics and explanation. We have a generator tune-up every May.  I will have them address the issues you presented.


Regarding the 2-way splitter – the tech intentionally installed it as part of the troubleshooting process.


Earlier this week, a tech was on-site disconnecting each cable line one-at-a-time while the Tech Ops Supervisor was at the office using a new software tool that does a detailed assessment of line noise. The tech also disconnected the green ground wire.  It was determined there were no noise issues from inside the house.   The tech went outside and disconnected cable from the outside of the house and then at the street.  Again… no noise issues from the street to our house.  At the same time, another tech was monitoring noise levels at another plant a few miles away.   The noise levels continued after our line was completely removed.  Upon further monitoring, it was determined that a house a mile away was causing extreme noise on the line.  Spectrum has contacted the customer and is going to get their installation “cleaned-up”.   I’ll provide an update in a few days. 


Very impressed with Spectrum’s dedication to getting this fixed!


Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts

Great news…. we haven’t experienced an internet/phone outage in 10 days!

Not sure which of the following fixed the problem, maybe it was a combination:

  • A couple of plant cables in the area were repaired/modified
  • A new DVR was installed – old one had several issues
  • A new Technicolor modem and Sagemcom wireless router were installed (note that several modems and a router had previously been replaced)

 A huge thank-you to the Spectrum support team that was dedicated to getting our issue resolved!

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Re: Daily Phone and Internet Outages – T3 Timeouts



Glad to hear things seem to be resolved. Please come back after a bit to let us 

know how things are going and to mark the issue as solved if possible.


Thank you! 


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