Re: DOCIS 3.1 Modems/Routers

What can happen for Spectrum to start upgrading us?
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Re: DOCIS 3.1 Modems/Routers

Depends a lot on what state you live in.  If New York, your State Attorney General has filed in court to define subscribers rights and providers obligantions.  Three other State Utility Commissions have granted monopoly status to a single provider in their state.  Residents of those states should not expect any help from their elected officials.


Here's what needs to happen:  To get true DOCSIS 3.1 running with 32 x 8 channel bonding for a Gigabit connection, first they have to clear out the existing downstream channel slots 2 thru 6 and convert them to reverse direction upstream.  That involves replacing EVERY line amplifier in the entire distribution chain and replacing or reprogramming EVERY set-top box and DVR, plus removal of every subscriber DTA.   Then if internet subscriber demand really does grow fivefold due to IPTV, Spectrum expects to have about five times the network traffic volume both down and up.  That jump will require subdividing the existing nodes and pulling in more fiber to support them AND adding about five times more capacity to each IXP transfer point.  


All of this costs big money and each step takes time, so don't hold your breath.  The planned  demise of network neutrality is not likely to generate sufficient quick revenues needed to fund this changeover for Charter/Spectrum's operations nationwide.  SO, who wants to keep their current lower rate plans and be last to convert?