I just set up my grandmother's spectrum internet last week using my old Netgear AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router Model C700. It says it's connected to the internet and Spectrum also says it's connected. But as soon as I try to load any page, I get DNS NO PROBE NO INTERNET on my Chrome browser both on my Mac laptop and Windows 7 laptop. She has a Verizon ONT landline. I'm wondering if that's affecting my internet and if I need a technician to come and add another cable line. The apartment's previous tenant had Spectrum so I thought it would be simple to just set up. 

Or do I have to manually change the DNS for my modem?

Any help would be great, thank you!

Proven Sharer


You first need to reset the Netgear router to factory defaults, then connect to your modem.  That wil tell the router to accept the network parameters being pushed by the cable modem.  This usually requires holding in the reset button for ten seconds or so, watching for ther LEDs to reset (use a paperclip or ballpoint pen if the button is inside a hole).  Of course, if you have any custom programming in the router for her home LAN, write it down BEFORE you do the reset. 


Next, be sure you clear the DNS cache in each web browser application on her computer.  This is important if she uses Google Chrome and Google Drive, or the Google application suite.

The Verizon line has NOTHING to do with her Spectrum internet connection.  The only cable that should connect to the modem is the coaxial cable from Spectrum.  Nothing from Verizon should be connected to the router's Ethernet LAN ports. 


Last, make sure you update the router with the most recent firmware version, which you can download from the Netgear web site.  And if you continue to get the "No DNS Probe" message, turn off IPv6 in the router.  Spectrum doesn't need IPv6.