Corrections and Uncorrectables

Hello, I have a question regarding modem signals.  I recently noticed a large amount of correctables/uncorrectables on one channel of my cable modem and wonder if this is cause for concern?

I would like to add, about a month ago, ATT came through my neighborhood and dropped fiber lines and in the process, cut my spectrum line.  They "fixed" it but I am not sure the quality of that repair and wonder if that is the cause of these errors.Screenshot_2018-08-10 Status.png


Re: Corrections and Uncorrectables

A tech visit may be warranted, especially if service is degrading.

A good portion of signal is likely technically "within spec", but in reality unreliable... like that one channel at -9 signal level and only 39db above the noise floor. The marginal signal quality is likely causing a lot of channels to drop off and it is latching others to try to preserve the bandwidth (big gaps between locked channels). There may be some unwanted noise creeping in somewhere... possible some failing/compromised distribution points or shielding.