Connectivity issues.

We have bundled TV, phone and internet.

 Had TWC now spectrum for about a year.

This problem has been around for a few months but I have been to busy to track it down.


We 've had he phone go down at the same time the internet goes down. Guide on cable box goes down at the same time as well. Sometimes, it seems like it's just the internet that goes down.  It goes down then back up. Sometimes all day. Other times it's fine for days at a time.


I feel it's outside the house somewhere.  Tech support on phone says "my signals look good" until I ask them about the stataus page.

We have a tech coming out in a few days and was hoping for some good information for them.


Main cable line comes into 3 way splitter (I noticed tonight that the splitter is not grounded).

Internet Modem on one leg

Phone modem on another

TV box on the 3rd

Here is the Signal info from the Arris DG860A modem after being up for about 24 hours. 

 RF Parameters
Downstream 13669.00 MHz0.61 dBmV37.36 dB256QAM220985256110747159
Downstream 26687.00 MHz1.48 dBmV37.36 dB256QAM267939805028187052
Downstream 38699.00 MHz2.50 dBmV37.94 dB256QAM184845463514706648
Downstream 49705.00 MHz2.45 dBmV37.64 dB256QAM188588411015956838
Downstream 510711.00 MHz2.12 dBmV37.94 dB256QAM1882991713119266747
Downstream 611717.00 MHz1.47 dBmV37.64 dB256QAM2543258109160198109
Downstream 714735.00 MHz2.47 dBmV37.94 dB256QAM242655120811657605
Downstream 816747.00 MHz1.89 dBmV37.36 dB256QAM259210303744788408
 UCIDFreqPowerChannel TypeSymbol RateModulation
Upstream 15024.20 MHz39.75 dBmVDOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA)5120 kSym/s64QAM
Upstream 24919.40 MHz39.50 dBmVDOCSIS1.x (TDMA)2560 kSym/s16QAM
Upstream 35130.60 MHz41.75 dBmVDOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA)5120 kSym/s64QAM
Upstream 45237.00 MHz42.25 dBmVDOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA)2560 kSym/s64QAM

System Uptime:2 d: 0 h: 24 m
Computers Detected:staticCPE(0), dynamicCPE(1)
Time and Date:Sun 2017-07-23 23:10:08

 Interface Parameters
Interface NameProvisionedStateSpeed (Mbps)MAC address
LAN Port 1EnabledDown-----F8:ED:A5:19:81:21
LAN Port 2EnabledUp1000(Full)F8:ED:A5:19:81:21
LAN Port 3EnabledDown-----F8:ED:A5:19:81:21
LAN Port 4EnabledDown-----F8:ED:A5:19:81:21







Re: Connectivity issues.

Splitter doesn't need a ground wire, there should be one outside at the grounding block.

 You have serious ingress from broadcast TV and 4G LTE phones. Something is corroded or loose. Call TWC if it's not obvious. This can't be fixed over the phone, needs a tech out to start replacing connectors and inspect the line.



Re: Connectivity issues.

Thanks. Tech was out this AM. The underground line is bad. They will be running a new line. I had a feeling this was the issue. I will update with future findings to help others find a solution.


Re: Connectivity issues.

did they first put new connectors on it or was it physicly chewed up ?



Re: Connectivity issues.

The tech said that all of the connectors looked good. They were all replaced when the contractor established my service about a year ago. He probably could have replced them but he believed the old RG6 line was bad. I live on a wooded lot with lots of critters and he mentioned that most of the neighbors have had a new run in the last few years.


So far, I'm impressed with the field personnel. The tech was very polite and helpful. I've had a follow up call from a supervisor. Paint and flags on the ground so I'm guessing the new cable is coming soon.


It may be unrelated but I saw a van up the road a few days back and while I'm still having issues they are not as often or as bad. Maybe something upstream was messed up to?


Re: Connectivity issues.

Reset the modems FEC counters so the correcteds zero out, Then repost the signal page after 4-8 hours, if the numbers still creep up, it's not fixedat that amp/pole they worked on.

 Has the cable tv dropped out since then? If not, maybe they found something