Connection speeds SB6141

I currently have the 200/10 plan.  I have the SB6141 modem and was consistently getting ~ 100mbps on various speed tests, so I researched online and it was stated that the max that this modem can do on spectrum/twc would be ~100 since it can only do 8 channels at a time. 


So yesterday I called Spectrum to confirm and they did confirm with me that the max speed I would get with my current modem would be ~135mbps.  Today without any changes I am getting ~200-215mbps on various speed tests both on my PC and my tablets/phones.  


Are the speed tests off? or did something change? trying to account for the difference in speed overnight and also the fact that I was told i would only be able to get ~135max with my current equipment however I am getting far above it.




Re: Connection speeds SB6141

Sounds like they adjusted the account provisioning while you were on the phone with them. While the modem is technically able to achieve speeds higher than what Spectrum will officially provision, they usually won't because it could cause network problems for you or your neighbors if things get congested.


Once upon a time I had an SB6121 that was only officially supported up to 50/5 on TWC but I pulled 100+ with no issues that I'm aware. I only upgraded the modem when I moved to a Spectrum plan and a higher tier.

Re: Connection speeds SB6141

i see... wish they did that by default.  now i am constantly getting ~ 200 on speedtests so i guess i wouldnt upgrade my modem afterall...