Connection setup to house what is involved

Hello, I am currently renting at a home that has ATT/directtv installed already and uses an arris router and Directtv wireless set boxes , internet uses DSL / phone line and the Direct tv has coaxial cable.  My question is before i moved here i had 300mb connection  only internet and internet is all i need in this scenario. I want to keep my spectrum signal from the att one that is currently present here.  however  i need to know more about the install process that may be involved.  the drop that i have in my room is coaxial and that can be used to hook up to the netgear modem i have but that coaxial drop is probably connected to the directtv service maybe or maybe not but since the cable is already there and goes out to the side of the house how can Spectum tech come in and keep the two seperate from each other without interferring with the existing att?  what are the steps are we talking using two pairs or is that just for dsl phone, im trying to understand the process 

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Re: Connection setup to house what is involved

Since you do not own the residence where you live, you will need approval of the landlord before you can ask Spectrum to install your internet service (Owners of some buildings and properties have signed exclusive contracts with other providers of internet and video content).


Re: Connection setup to house what is involved

Assuming you have the proper permissions from the owners, Spectrum would have to run a new line and install new outlets, completely separate from the existing Directv line. They won't run together on the same coax.