Re: Connection issues with ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 DOCSIS 3.1 loosing connection

Wait for 6-8 months when the 600mHz 5g cellular if fired up and gets handsets on it. It will degrade most cable systems that use that frequency range due to their neglect of maint on the coaxial plant. Ingress-egress is already a major issue and nothing is done to correct it.  Multiple tech visits when it should have been repaired the first time?

anyone that pays the "one time speed upgrade" fee should get a tech out there and all the coax from the pole to the modem replaced for a start.

 And, channel tiers, speeds, package names be made uniform across the entire US as promissed. Also IPv6 needs to be repaired.. AT&T has had theirs running for a couple years.