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Connection issues in Arlington TX

Some background.

For the last month my connection has been very poor and fluctuates a lot. Insane packet loss in games online (im connected via ethernet no wifi)  Sometimes the modem just has connection loss for up to half an hour. Today I've been lucky to see speeds go above 5Mb/s. 


I've had 3 techs to my house and they've all told me it was an issue with the node and they would tell their supervisor. As far as I know nothing happens after that.. Is there anything I can do to escalate this. I filled a complaint with the FCC today.


here are my current router logs




Downstream Channel Bonding ValueIndexLock StatusFrequencySNRPowerModulation

753 MHz723 MHz735 MHz741 MHz747 MHz759 MHz765 MHz813 MHz819 MHz825 MHz831 MHz837 MHz843 MHz849 MHz855 MHz861 MHz
29.4 dB31.4 dB30.9 dB31.1 dB30.7 dB30.6 dB29.2 dB27.1 dB26.7 dB27.0 dB25.8 dB0.0 dB0.0 dB0.0 dB0.0 dB0.0 dB
-4.4 dBmV-2.4 dBmV-3.5 dBmV-3.1 dBmV-3.4 dBmV-3.6 dBmV-4.8 dBmV-6.6 dBmV-7.4 dBmV-6.6 dBmV-8.0 dBmV-7.3 dBmV-8.0 dBmV-8.6 dBmV-7.4 dBmV-8.2 dBmV
256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAMunknownunknownunknownunknownunknown
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Re: Connection issues in Arlington TX



Re: Connection issues in Arlington TX

Get TWC/ Spectrum out again...

You have a major coaxial issue, might be bad/ too many open splitters, corrosion , probably damaged line to street that's full of water.

s/n is way out of speck resulting in unuseable connection with way too many correcteds and uncorrecteds.

 Have they replaced anything?

 What state are you in?



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that Re: Connection issues in Arlington TX

Arlington, Texas The first tech that was here said it was a bad tap. 


The next tech that came out a few days later said the main line was bad.


The third guy that came out two days ago was a quality control guysand said it was the main node or box for our building (its an apartment) He said the system was messed up or something which is why its fluctuating so much. He said he took pictures and sent them to his supervisor (which is what the other two guys said)


I plan on calling them again tomorrow because I haven't been getting dl speeds above 10Mb/s the last three days. My upload speeds have been uneffected and remain around 11Mb/s


Re: that Re: Connection issues in Arlington TX

Call the State AG...

APT buildings are a disaster, no one want's to fix them.


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Re: that Re: Connection issues in Arlington TX

I did file a complaint with the state AG. 


Also called again today and the tech support had dispatch call me directly where I was told on the phone that maintenence are still within their 3 day window  (monday being the 3rd day) since the last tech was out and put in the request. 


Speeds still barely breaking 5Mb/s


Guess I'll see what happens this week. My neighbors have had good things to say about thier ATT service, although I dislike their complete control over the router / gateway use and data caps, it might be what I switch to. 


Re: that Re: Connection issues in Arlington TX

You tell AT&T to bridge it and use your own router.... Keeps them out..

I've been able to access all at&t routers, not had issues with them changing anything unless the router failed and was replaced.