Re: Connection dropping up to 30+ times a day. Stabilizes at night?

If they come out again walk over to the pole or the junction box and ask them to check it while you walk with them. They will check it if you ask because of this issue. Typically it’s the ground for some weird reason

Re: Connection dropping up to 30+ times a day. Stabilizes at night?

@aroldan85 wrote:

Would they just come and do that?  I've read up on this problem some and i've heard they most likely will come around and just try and give me a new modem again.


My connection has calmed down some now since first making this post and surprisingly it's pretty stable during the afternoon (relative to before) but seems to get unstable again at around 9 P.M. P.S.Talmost like clockwork.  If i didn't know any better it's as if someone at the main office is messing around with things

As with anything else, some techs are better than others. The easiest thing to them to do is to just replace the modem and move on to the next appointment. That is just lazy work on their part since 99% of problems are not modem related.


Everything may check out at your house but the actual problem could be anywhere upstream from there which would require a separate crew. The in-home techs are the front line would have to escalate the issue up the chain. Keep calling for service appointments if the issue doesn't resolve. So many service calls in a short period of time will get management's attention.