Cannot view webcam after port forwarding.



I have wireless IP cameras that show the view of the lake that I live on. I use port-forwarding (ports are anywhere from 80-101) with my spectrum router to show the cams on my website.


My issue is that I cannot view the cameras on my website while on my own network. I have to be outside of the house or turn the wi-fi off on my phone. The website itself works fine, but the webcam images will not show up. The cameras show up everywhere except in my own house connected to my network.


I started having this issue a few years ago, when I upgraded to a newer equipment to support the 50Mbps + speeds.


Any insight?


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Cannot view webcam after port forwarding.

You say that you've had this problem on your home network for a few years, and this is the first time you've thought to bring it to the forums??  In order to  you'll need to supply the model numbers of the cable modem and router you are using.


But also understand that port forwarding provides port access from EITHER internally on your home network OR outside access via your public IP address, but NOT to both sides of the router at the same time.  You MUST pick one and only one access method.


Re: Cannot view webcam after port forwarding.

Arris TM1602 Modem

RAC2V1K Router provided by Spectrum.


Yes, it has been a few years and did not change even with my newest modem a year ago.


It's just an annoyance. I don't need to look at the webcams when I can just look out the window,  but I'd like to be able to save pictures from them (which I cannot do using a browser or my phone when connected to my network).


I set up some cameras for a neighbor and he has the same issue but has a different router.


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Re: Cannot view webcam after port forwarding.

Well, you can  complain all you want, but that's precisely the way port forwarding works.  If you search here on the forum topics you can find a deeper technical explanation from about four months ago.  Again, just to recap: There is no loopback of a forwarded port.  You can have internal access via your home network OR external via your public web address, but NOT both at the same time.


Re: Cannot view webcam after port forwarding.

Yeah... if your local network isn't set up specifically to address the loopback kerfuffle (which in all honesty would be more a speciallized enterprise kind of thing, not home networks), you will have to leave the "private" side of that locale network so you are coming back in from the external interface.

"Easy" fix... use a VPN.

Lots of them with free use options out there, even for phones. Especially handy if it is just for testing purposes, as some give you gigabytes or hours of free use per month completely for free.