Cannot connect certain devices

My husband has been unable to connect his Galaxy tablet after taking all suggested steps. I thought it was an issue with the tablet, itself, until last night, when I couldn't connect my fresh-from-the-box Amazon Echo. Both devices SAY they're connected, but are not.


Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?


Re: Cannot connect certain devices

go into the router, make sure it's in NAT mode not bridged and that DHCP time is a day not an hour and DHCP start is not

Turn off IPv6 as well.

set devices to autodetect settings and do a repair connection.

If you have any static IP devices like printers/camera's, they must be set at on down..

Do not set any devices in the 192.168.x.2 to.10 range

WPS doesn't always work, turn it off.



Re: Cannot connect certain devices

Why nothing in the 192.168.x.2 to.10 range ?

Re: Cannot connect certain devices

It's just to avoid conflicts with other devices.


Re: Cannot connect certain devices

Some apple devices interpret the .2 to .10 as invalid user class and either don't connect properly or monopolize the connection. This addressing goes way back to the inception of the internet.

same holds true with 192.168.1-9.2-10

 You also must have static IP's outside the DHCP range and that range should be below the DHCP range

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Re: Cannot connect certain devices

What steps have you take so far? First thing I would suggest doing is unplugging the modem

and then plugging it back in after about 30 seconds. 


If the devices still do not connect tell them to forget the network. Turn them all the way off/reboot and then try to rejoin the network. 


Are you using your own router or are you using an all in one? When did the issue begin?

How many devices are you able to connect? If you turn one of those off can you then connect one of these 2? 


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