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Can't access Bing

This has been going on for months now.  Most of the times I cannot access Bing. Don't criticize me for not using Google, I just like Bing better. Occassionly I'll be able to reach it but most of the times it says page cannot be displayed or established. It's like Spectrum is blocking it. I've called tech support for both my Modem and Anti Virus and they say it's not them. I've had a Spectrum tech check it out and they can't figure it out. 


Anyone have a solution. 


Re: Can't access Bing

Could be an issue with 2nd/3rd party network segments... outside of Spectrum's direct influence. Can't do much with it once it leaves the exchange point and goes to someone else's network. At best, they could notify support for whoever maintains the problem segment, maybe temporarily tweak routing somehow (there are automatic updates periodically that may undo any tweaking they may be able to make).

Could try a VPN (lots out there with limited free use options like tunnel bear, proton, windscribe). This could allow you to tweak pathing a bit on the other side of Spectrum's IXP. If that works, may help them investigate if you can provide them a working tracert (via vpn) and a bad one (without vpn).