Cable modem reboot itself issue

This is a very strange issue I have been experiencing since the internet service started few weeks ago. It's a brand new line from the pole to the house and straight to the cable modem box. I have a Macbook air and a Lenovo PC laptop, as well as connected with couple iphones and a Sony TV. Everything works fine (I can be on my PC laptop all day without any problem, or watch Youtube TV or on my iPhone).


As soon as I open Macbook air and click on Google Chrome and start browsing, the bottom left of the screen shows "resolving host" and the cable modem lights start running out and reboots itself. After 30 seconds to a minute everything is back online, depends on my luck I can continue use the Macbook to browse the internet, or the cable modem may reboot itself again within anywhere from 1 minute to 10 - 30 minutes.


If I jump to my Lenovo laptop and browsing the Internet, I can do it all day long without a single hiccup to the connection. I have changed 3 cable modems within 2 weeks and still experiencing this "only" when I get online with my Macbook. Any thoughts?


Re: Cable modem reboot itself issue

go into the router and change the DHCP start to instead of for a start.

Then in the macbook, turn off IPv6..

 if that doesn't do it, turn off cloud and sync, see if those are the issue.

You may also need to set a 50% QOS restriction on all devices to prevent bandwidth hoarding.