Cable Line Burial Issue

I am trying to get service set up at my new townhouse but the technician advised me a line must be buried.  My neighbor has a large truck that is blocking the equipment's access to his back yard and is never home when the technicians come out.  I cannot tell him when to move the truck because the service department cannot give me better than a 10 day window of the next time the crew will come.  I have tried calling customer service multiple times, but unfortunately I don't think this is anything they are able to help me with as I really need to be in touch with the construction team.  The best they can do is send a new installation servicer to my apartment who cannot do anything until the line is buried. 


My neighbor is a Spectrum customer and they have confirmed they have his number and would try to contact him directly to schedule.  Who should  I talk to to help resolve / expedite this?  If I cannot get movement on this issue, I have tentatively scheduled Windstream to set up their service on May 10th. 


Re: Cable Line Burial Issue

Good morning,


If you would please reach out to us directly via the following private LINK, we will be happy to look into this issue to see if we can assist in getting finding a resolution. Please include your account number or the phone number associated with your account as well as your full service address. 



Melissa O.

Spectrum Community Forum Moderator