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The SB8200 is currently not approved for Spectrum customer installation at any speed.  If and when it is finally approved, I suspect that 400 will be OK, but not as of today.


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Apparently they're actively deleting other threads re: SB8200 and its successful use on Gigabit here (SO classy Spectrum, thats exactly the kind of company I'd want to give even MORE money to for 'upgrade fees'), but I added one a few weeks ago at my parents place and yesterday activated on my home connection as well. Literal five minute call and rep didnt ask what model. Blue light, OFDM lock, ~460 down, nice and solid, no trouble at all.

Ive seen SB8200s recently for 149-169 on sale, so keep an eye out.

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At this time there are no modems that have passed certification testing for the Spectrum Internet Gig tier with speeds up to 940 Mbps.


No agent should be provisioning a customer owned modem for that level of service. 


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I have an older Arris(Motorola) 8-channel cable modem. I'm looking to upgrade to a new modem. There's definite issues with the Intel Puma 6 cable modems (If you are technically competent, you know the issues).  Most (if not all) of the cable modems offered at the  Spectrum stores are Puma 6 cable modems. 

I really want to upgrade to the Spectrum-provided TC4400 cable modem. I have called for months and gone into the Spectrum stores for months. All they do is insult me and tell me that I can't have one! I'm not ready for Gig speed (yet) and I can't justify the installation cost of a TC4400.  ( $200 !! to roll a truck for installation. I can purchase a DOCSIS 3.1 modem for that cost.)  I want to upgrade to be ready for future internet service improvements.

As a result, I'm watching for a good price on an SB8200 ( I really want to go straight to  a DOCSIS 3.1 modem).  By the time I get an SB8200, Spectrum might support it.


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They're not going to give you a 3.1 modem when you have no use for it/service that requires it, and theres no benefit to you from having one in the first place. Puma chip issues were remedied in later generations  of the hardware so hanging onto that reason now is rather pointless. 

Spectrum are (increasingly, it seems) declining in CS while increasing in price, fees and difficulty to work with, but this particular case you're not really going to win and no reason you really should. They don't just have a box of modems behind the counter to hand out your preferred model from, buy an SB8200 and call it a day. They're too new for refurbs yet but they were 159 somewhere online just last week, so keep looking.


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I know that a DOCSIS 3.1 modem is more than I need (for now). Of course, Spectrum will never provide ( for standard monthly cost ) a better modem than you minimally need.  However, a TC4400 can't be much more than the combo modem/Wi-Fi boxes that Spectrum normally provide. The 8-channel modem that I've had since Time Warner Cable days is reaching end-of-life and probably near end-of-support from Spectrum. I would like to switch to a modem that I'll have for a while.

Now, it's going to take a significant amount of proof to convince me that the latency issues of the Puma 6 modems have been resolved. Two months ago, on my son-in-law's newly installed Spectrum internet, I tested the new Spectrum-provided Arris telephony-cable modem. I verified that it has the latest Arris firmware for Puma 6 chipset. Total speed was OK, but when I ran the latency test, it showed exactly the latency problem attributed to the Puma 6 modems. So, the Puma 6 latency hasn't been fixed even with the latest firmware (v9.1.103) on Spectrum. Spectrum runs IPv6.

That said, maybe, just maybe, the Puma 6 latency problem has been resolved on IPv4 networks. A friend of mine is on an IPv4 cable network and had latency problems and "stuttering" with his Arris SB6190. I finally convinced him to nag the provider for the latest SB6190 firmware. After update, his speed was much better and stable, no "stuttering", and the latency test showed clean (no latency problem). I believe that he updated to firmware v9.1.93V.

Looking to the future, I don't know if the Puma 7 chipset has fixed the latency problem. Time will tell. Besides, the Puma 7 chipset is for DOCSIS 3.1 modems, so I wouldn't see a Spectrum-provided Puma 7 modem for quite a while.


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Puma7 modems are also impacted by the same problem as the puma6.

The most popular 3.1 modems out right now, including the Arris SB8200, Motorola MB8600, Netgear CM1000, and the Technicolor 4400 given out to gig users, all use Broadcom chipsets.
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Is the SB82000 still being tested?

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Why do you keep trying to peddle Spectrums junk modems. Maybe I don't want a tech at my house every 2 weeks, or maybe I don't want their throttled modem. Feel free to take their "free" modem, and just remember, you get what you pay for. 


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In October 2018, the Arris SB8200 was added to the "Minimally Qualified Modems" list.

For legacy Time Warner Cable areas, go to

and look under "Minimally Qualified" near the bottom of the page.

(The Netgear CM1000 & CM1100 are also in the list)


For Spectrum Cable, the list of Authorized Modems was updated on October 8, 2018.

Expand the list under "Minimally Qualified Modems" and the Arris SB8200 is there (along with the Netgear CM1000 & CM1100).