Arris SB 6183 - dropping packets / terrible performance

Hi everyone.   


Up until ~5pm yesterday my service here in Cedar Park, TX has been incredible. Solid performance, no real issues for many many years.     5pm yesterday my inet went south and is barely functional.   I've reset the modem via automate phone process as well as online tech i worked with previously.   Tech on the phone mentioned i'm dropping 1/3 packets or more to the modem.    Tech on the phone mentioned this looks like a line issue and is having a field tech come out today at noon.


ping -t

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=57ms TTL=44
Reply from bytes=32 time=73ms TTL=44

Request timed out.

Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Reply from bytes=32 time=67ms TTL=44


errors in modem event log:

MMD message timeout

TLV -11 unrecongized

missing BP configuration

Sync timeout failures

T3 and T4 timeouts


DS bonded channel info:

ChannelLock StatusModulationChannel IDFrequencyPowerSNRCorrectedUncorrectables
1LockedQAM2568507000000 Hz7.5 dBmV39.7 dB00
2LockedQAM2562471000000 Hz8.7 dBmV42.0 dB00
3LockedQAM2563477000000 Hz8.7 dBmV42.1 dB7829920
4LockedQAM2564483000000 Hz8.4 dBmV41.7 dB00
5LockedQAM2565489000000 Hz8.2 dBmV41.5 dB7835090
6LockedQAM2566495000000 Hz7.8 dBmV41.2 dB00
7LockedQAM2567501000000 Hz7.4 dBmV41.0 dB7840960
8LockedQAM2561465000000 Hz8.8 dBmV42.1 dB7845260
9LockedQAM2569513000000 Hz8.2 dBmV41.6 dB8256570
10LockedQAM25610519000000 Hz8.3 dBmV41.7 dB00
11LockedQAM25611525000000 Hz7.8 dBmV41.2 dB8261030
12LockedQAM25612531000000 Hz8.1 dBmV41.4 dB00
13LockedQAM25613537000000 Hz8.3 dBmV41.7 dB8261580
14LockedQAM25614543000000 Hz8.2 dBmV41.6 dB00
15LockedQAM25615549000000 Hz8.0 dBmV41.4 dB8263740
16LockedQAM25616555000000 Hz7.8 dBmV41.1 dB00


** the corrected values continue to climb.   The values are now closing in on 3 million since i rebooted the modem this mornining at 7am.


UP Bonded Channels:

ChannelLock StatusUS Channel TypeChannel IDSymbol RateFrequencyPower
1LockedATDMA35120 Ksym/sec30400000 Hz37.5 dBmV
2LockedATDMA25120 Ksym/sec23900000 Hz36.3 dBmV
3LockedTDMA12560 Ksym/sec19000000 Hz33.8 dBmV
4LockedATDMA45120 Ksym/sec36900000 Hz38.8 dBmV


I read here the frequency is too high and likely the problem.   What can you see from here that appears to be a problem?  I would like to be armed with this information when the tech gets here today as I work from home and this issue messing with that.


Re: Arris SB 6183 - dropping packets / terrible performance

Looks like modem is good, you have serious broadcast TV ingress, probably a corroded , chewed up or loose outside connection.



Re: Arris SB 6183 - dropping packets / terrible performance

I went out for a walk and noticed a bucket truck working on a large closet.  I had asked the maintenance crew if what they weres working on could be related to my problem and  the crew said yes.  Apparently multiple neighborhoods near mine are out and having some kind of upstream issue.

Roughly 11:30am the inet resumed and tech showed up promptly at 12 to inform me that my issue was related to the outage.  Due to some of the T3/T4 errors on my modem, he did some basic connector maintenance on the outside.

At this moment inet is running as usual but the tech mentioned I may have intermentitent issues for a couple days while spectrum sorts out the larger issue upstream.