Arris DG1670 Ethernet Ports

So this is probably the 4th or 5th time over the years we've been with Time Warner/Spectrum Business Class that this has played out:


The ethernet ports on our Arris DG1670 cable modem just up and die. We have no phones or internet until a technician drives all the way out from Dallas (an hour drive from us) to replace it.


I call tech support, they can ping the modem just fine but they can't reach our equipment. "Doesn't seem that we have any equipment plugged in." "Did we try plugging anything in?" It's as if they've never encountered this issue before.


And maybe they haven't. I just can't believe that we have suffered this exact problem with these Arris modems over and over again, and yet no one else seems to have this issue?


I would be happy to buy an extra Arris DG1670 just to keep in our server room so that when it inevitably does die, I can swap it out.


But no. I pay more to have business class. So that means I get treated worse than residential. I can't use my own modem. I have to use a Spectrum-provided one.


And so that means a day of downtime until a technician can drive all the way from Dallas to deliver to me a modem that I could buy on Amazon.


What am I supposed to do? How can I plan around a disaster like this? How is this "Business Class"?


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Get a sb 6183 as a spare or a sb 6190

I assume you're using your own router....

Copy and paste the modems signal and error log pages if you can get them @ or

The business class installs I've seen were pretty bad other than one I ended up doing most of, lol.

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@MsRaye Business Class customers are not able to use customer owned equipment.


Are you using our phone service or a  different provider carried through our modem? 


Does the modem we have installed at the location show small lights over the ports in use?

Are you able to login to the modem when directly connected to one of those "dead" ports.


If you can share some additional information about the situation we can try and help from here. If you prefer you can also contact our Social Media Customer Care team directly



Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum


Please also feel free to contact us directly at Forums_Help


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@Julia_R wrote:

Are you using our phone service or a different provider carried through our modem?

We're using a different provider through your modem. This morning was spent frantically using their interface to forward calls to people's cell phones.

Does the modem we have installed at the location show small lights over the ports in use?

The modem on site has lights for upstream/downstream, power, and connectivity. However there are no LED lights (that I can see) for the ethernet ports. If I plug another device into the modem that has indicator lights for connectivity, the device's lights do not come on. The ethernet ports alone are what have died in this modem. It's not the first time I have seen this exact behavior in an Arris DG1670.

Are you able to login to the modem when directly connected to one of those "dead" ports.

I know that I can usually go to and get the Arris page showing me channels, correctables, etc but in this case I cannot get to this page nor is it pingable.


The only thing that will truly give me peace of mind here is if you guys would leave me a second modem that I could store in the server room to be swapped out with the existing one. Or unlock your system so I can purchase my own to keep handy in case of emergency. Since I haven't been able to convince Spectrum to do that, we're just going to keep suffering these long periods of downtime.


I truly wish someone at Spectrum would listen to me and work with me on this.


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A tech has swapped out our cable modem after about 34 hours of downtime.

I went into the Wireless settings and it looks like there was a previous owner.


The SSID for 2.4GHz is "Pena Family - 2G"

and the SSID for the 5GHz is "harambelivesonforever"


I wonder what else on our "new" cable modem is not factory default. What other little surprises did the Pena Family leave us.


I think the solution here is to get Spectrum Residential Internet at our office locations. It's cheaper and I can use my own equipment, ensuring greater reliability.


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ip is or for stats.

Business class customers are supposed to have a tech out within 4 hours... However, I've heard of them claiming that a phone tech is the excuse given to fulfill that promise and of course, no physical issue can be fixed over the phone.

Did they replace it with a Ubee?



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It's another Arris DG1670. Spectrum Business Class has basically just installed another ticking time bomb in my server room that I can't do anything about. I'll be back here on the forums when it explodes though.


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Here's a hint for TWC Business or Spectrum Enterprise subscribers in any building that has more than one electric meter: 

1] Check for existance of a ground bonding connection running between the main disconnect switch panels for each service entrance.  If you can't find one, call a licensed electrician.

2]  Ask your electrician to measure the current in those safety ground wires - There only right answer is zero.   If your unit has a backup UPS or generator feeding the network equipment rack, that panel also has to be connected to the bonding ground.

3]  Look for the grounding block where the Spectrum cable drop line enters the building.  It should be on the outside wall.  Then verify that it is properly connected to the electric bonding ground mentioned above using a coaxial cable grounding block.  No more than 20 feet of #12 or larger solid wire which can be either bare copper or with green insulation.  If you don't see one, ask Spectrum to get a tech out there ASAP to install one correctly; it's for their own workers' safety. 

4]  Your networking equipment rack ground must connect in a similar fashion to the same ground point.  If that distance is more than 20 feet the required wire size increases.  If you can't find this one, call your licensed electrician, or the folks who installed and wired your network equipment.  This is especially important when using shielded RJ-45 connectors with the metal covers. 



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Thanks Karl, good point!

, I have 2 customers that TWC ran 5/8" hardline into the building and one had no ground bond, the other had 50' of #14 on it.. Problem is that TWC is powered by CEI and the buildings by Muni light. Adding 4' of #6 wire from the hardline sheath to the electrical ground resulted with 25 amps of current flowing on the ground wire. I had to then put "CISP's" on all coaxial connections to isolate the 60/180 hz ground loop ripple off the video and audio lines from the cable boxes.

 I could see excessive ripple from the dissimilar grounds blowing out the ethernet ports.

Get a good digital clip on ampmeter, set it to the 2 or 20 amp range and see if there's any current flowing on the coax... If so, there is a no or dissimilar ground issue.  If there is hardline run into the building, it needs to be terminated within 6' of the electric common ground point and bonded to it with a #6 preferably solid wire.

 BTW there's a 3rd one right at their head end in Macedonia and is worst because the generator has neutral and ground tied together .

 And um then there's the copper thieves that are stealing the reachable ground rod wires from all the utility poles. Have called in near 2 dozen so far... one had 400v on it as it was the transformer and 7600v arc arrestor wire (1300v delta, no neutral between poles) It arced through a $1500 hvac motor twice