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Anyone Using DD-WRT and Netgear R7800 ?



I have two Netgear  routers. One is a  R7000 and a newer R7800.

The R7800 is currently being used with my Spectrum internet service.


I wanted to use a VPN for security, so I have flashed the R7000 with DD-WRT firmware

so I can use the Express VPN service using OpenVPN protocol. (Netgear's built-in

VPN provider is not highly rated and you cannot configure other VPNs through Netgear's

GUI, which is why I flashed it with DD-WRT.)


Has anyone else done this and is using Spectrums internet and has any settings that may be required?





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Re: Anyone Using DD-WRT and Netgear R7800 ?

I have two Netgear routers as well and Express VPN but I went a different route vs flashing. I did find this link maybe it will help you. Also, are you going to be doing router behind router?  So 1 router will be VPN and the other will be non - VPN? If so expect downgrade in speed. Another tip, if you are using services such as Direct TV Now, or PS Vue (via VPN) you will run into issues with channel line ups or perhaps even being locked out.




Re: Anyone Using DD-WRT and Netgear R7800 ?

What is the point in using dual routers for the vpn in this case. If you are attempting to have a separate network just for the vpn you can run a vlan just for the vpn. Seems very redundant and unnecessary to do dual routers for this purpose.