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I agree, so how do you reach out to TWC via the forums?


Re: (TWC owned node malfunction)

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Ah, yes on this specific location we have a second router (due to the size of our home we have a second router set up but we have hooked the computer directly to the modem and still have the same issue. 

Why would having 2 routers cause an issue 9 hops away anyway? It has a static ip so it doesn't conflict with other ip configurations.

Normally, two NAT routers could be fine if they are set up correctly.  In your case, they are not.  Go all static or all dynamic and use DHCP reservations.  You could get an IP conflict your way and if one router config is changed and the other's isn't, you could have a static IP off the subnet.


If you need more LAN ports, just add a switch, not a router.  If you want to "make do" with what you have, don't use the WAN port on the second router; just use it as a switch and disable everything on the router side (like DHCP).


You said "size of your home"; does that mean distance or number of devices connected to your network?


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Nothing else connected, it isn't just that site. It's litterally every site. Facebook for example takes about 10 seconds for every letter your type to show up and when you backspace it takes the same ammount of time. (10 seconds roughly) if it was just one site I wouldn't be bothering trying to fix it. 


I'm not sure how Internet connectivity would affect typing in an input field.  I would be concerned about what's going on with the computer.


Re: (TWC owned node malfunction)

the   Slow displayed type  indicates malware or duelling antivirus programs perhaps.  Antivirus usually sets up listenning ports, they might not work thru 2 nat routers.

Use netstat to show IP connections


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Re: (TWC owned node malfunction)

@randynanna  I would like to escalate this to our local support folks.


If you will please contact me directly at TWC_ForumsHelp we would 

appreciate it very much. Please include your account number and 

verification of your service address.


If any others in this thread are experiencing this please do contact us 

as well.


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