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60 mbps or 300mbps

I currently have Spectrum and my internet speed is 300.  I have 5 smart tv's, 4 cell phones, and 2 lap tops.  I download a lot of random stuff.  I can download a ton right now and it won't slow anything on my network down.  Would switching to 60mbps do that same or would it mess with the rest of my stuff i.e. having to buffer over and over just to watch Netflix on a smart tv.


Re: 60 mbps or 300mbps

If you watch only 1 smart tv's at once, it might not make much of a difference.

But, if you have Maxx already, I don't think you can easily downgrade, especially if you have cable tv service, you'll loose channels and raise rates.




Re: 60 mbps or 300mbps

If all of those devices are streaming HD video at the same time while you're downloading files/updates/etc., yes you'll probably notice a difference.