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4 months, 7+ techs, issue remains, modem loses sync

Data to post to get help from community: (it is useful to have in one place and current.)

  1. North Dallas, TX, 2 story condo
  2. Internet, TV, Intelligent Home
  3. Arris DG1670A
  4. None
  5. 9.1.103J6
  6. Online, Offline, Online, Offline
  7. 200/20, 8ms 240/24
  8. Internet drops, modem loses sync.
  9. Imgur below.
  10. Run from external box to apartment is ~20 feet. Coax is routed through an external wall to a splitter then to the modem. Total run from external box is 25 feet. Telephone pole is likely 30 feet from external box.
  11. 4 devices attached via cat 5. 4-5 devices attached via wifi.
  12. No changes.
  13. When internet drops pinging is not available. 
  14. All services impacted.
  15. None that I am aware of. 

  17. Frequency: Weekly to Daily
    18. Duration: 4 Months
    19. TV Affected: No

Basically the subject, but some more background. I have had TWC in my apartment for the last three years, from day one until Oct 24 2016 the internet was rock solid with the exception of one service call that was resolved. For completeness the issue was intermittent internet drop outs and the cause was traced to water ingress into a piece of equipement kept on the telephone polls behind my apartment. 

Either way, over the last 4 months I have had near bi-weekly visists from TWC techs for internet outtages. In order to resolve this issue we have switched the modem 3 times, the splitters 3 times, and ran wire from the external box to my apartment twice. I have been told that along w/ the internal techs dispatched to my apartment there have been 3-4 external techs that have looked over the line and not seen any problem.  The last tech dispatched to my house suggested I plug the router directly into the wall instead of the UPS it had been plugged into and try new cat5 cables. As I had four devices connected via cat5 I chose to just unplug everything and monitor the issue. The modem has also been plugged into the wall and the issue persists.

The issue is transient as you will likely be able to see from the logs. It has been *terrible* for the last 3-4 days whereas prior it happened once every two weeks. I have attached an imgur link with the logs and errors my (two) modems have been showing. If anyone has any input I would greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately in my area it is either TWC or 3 down ATT, so I have to make this work.


Re: 4 months, 7+ techs, issue remains, modem loses sync

You have a major probl;em with ingress from Verizon and Sprint 4G phones and possibly land mobile radio.

 Throwing modems at an interference issue is stupid on TWC's part.

You need to verify nothing is in any of the coax cables, make sure the connectors are all a tad more than finger tight, especially behind wall plates and that the coax doesn't loop thru any surge strips or ups's.


Did TWC replace the grounding block and all connectors?


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Re: 4 months, 7+ techs, issue remains, modem loses sync

Yes, the line from the tap to my house was replaced yesterday, that included outlets, fresh coax, a fresh splitter and a new modem. The coax is a clean shot from the tap, tap to external wall outlet to internal wall outlet to splitter to modem, no UPS or Surgestrips are on the coax.

Earilier today the techs were out here again working on the issue and identified a large amount of noise coming from the tap, I am not sure that the measurementof noise as in but even after disconnecting all users from the tap to rule out feedback (I guess) the supervisor was stunned to see 10+ of some measurement of noise when even 5 of that measurement can cause drop outs. Yet another external tech was sent out and my internet has been stable since, but considering the internet has, at times, been stable for 14+ hours I am still hesitant to peg the issue as resolved. I guess I will wait and see and post back if the issue continues.

Edit: I don't know what a grounding block is so I am not sure as to whether or not that was replaced.


Re: 4 months, 7+ techs, issue remains, modem loses sync

Hardline connectors at the tap or somewhere on the street are corroded and loose.

 Grounding block is where the NEC required bond between the cable, telco and electric lines is. usually where the electric meter and cable entrance are.


Re: 4 months, 7+ techs, issue remains, modem loses sync

You're lucky they found something, they need to call in the bucket truck guys to repair/ replace tapoffs, hardline connectors, amplifier housings, etc.

 Even if underground, the junk in pedestals get's corroded and loose.