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Re: Frequent Disconnects with varying errors

@James_M I'm not sure that merging these two threads together was the best of ideas. The author of this thread is using different hardware in a different location with a more limited error set than I am getting. His modem doesn't share a manufacturer or a chipset.
The errors that the original poster here has complained about are T3/T4 Timeouts with a frequency of up to 3 times an hour. I'm experiencing T3/T4 Timeouts, RCS Partial Service, TLV-11, and SYNC lost errors, with an increasing frequency currently at about 7 times per day.
There is a correlation to the weather in my case. When the weather is warm, or humid the frequency increases, a week ago when a cold front came through the frequency decrease.
The way that it acts leads me to believe that there may be an issue with the external wiring as ingress on the lines. However, the fact that the drop on the pole is under 2 years old at this point makes me reluctant to think that it would be occurring in the same way again.
I did not get any questions in private messages, so I'm unsure what additional information you may want.
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Re: Frequent Disconnects with varying errors

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Thanks for the additional information.  If you are seeing weather related fluctuations, then I would strongly recommend a service call.  


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