2G wireless speed

I'm at 40 MBPS wireless on a up to 200MBPS account.
I only have 2G on my small Dell laptop,so is that good?  

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Re: 2G wireless speed

The fastest over the air WiFi speed on 2 GHz alone is 54 Mbps using 802.11 G signalling.  The typical speed is usually only 42 Mbps.  To increase the speed to match your wired speed you will need a router with dual-band WiFi AND a matching WiFi network adaptor for the computer.  Many standard routers today are labeled Dual-Band AC1900 (or faster).  You can purchase the router and a compatible USB2 WiFi plug-in adaptor from various e-shopping sites on the web or from your local electronics store.  


Re: 2G wireless speed

So much crud crowding the 2.4GHz band these days.... go full-on 5Ghz AC wifi if you can.  I have seen some locations barely able to eek out 39mbps consistently with onboard 2.4Ghz N break the 100mbps mark by switching to the 5ghz through AC---to the SAME WI-FI ROUTER.  Some may not like the idea of using a dongle... but some are actually pretty small and discrete now, not those big clunky eye sores we had in the 54G era.


YMMV of course, depending on the hardware and configuration options selected.  But there is so much more potential in the AC camp now that they've had a few more years to really optimize things. Definately worth the investment for the upgrade.


Not sure if this will line up well.  Grabbed this data from one of the monitoring sections of my AC-1750 router's GUI to demonstrate the impact AC can have on your wifi experience.  This is a real-time snapshot of my laptop, phone, and two actively streaming Roku streaming stick+ (note, they are using their USB power adaptors that also double as signal amps).  The weakest one is the Roku that is actually on a different floor in the condo, Phone is "idle" so only shows 6Mbps for upstream:


MAC ADDRESS  -/- Signal Str  Down  UP  

 XXXXXXXX:26:14   -65dBm  104M    117M
 XXXXXXXX:11:9C    -47dBm   130M    156M
 XXXXXXXX:89:88  -56dBm  150Mbps  6M
 XXXXXXXX:5B:69  -38dBm 866.7M  866.7M