Community Manager

Community FAQ's

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we see within the  Community.  If you think something needs to be added, please post to the Community Suggestions board. You can also PM me directly. 


Q: Can anyone post to the  Community?

A: No. Anyone can read topics and replies, but only customers of TWC/Spectrum with an active TWC ID can post.


Q: I'm a TWC/Spectrum customer, how do I sign up for the Community?

A: Instructions can be found here


Q: I can't reply to an older thread.  Why?

A: Any topic with no new activity in 90 days is locked by the Moderators.  This is done to prevent members with similar issues from "piggy-backing" onto an older thread, when in fact they should be starting a new topic for what likely may be a similar, but ultimately different issue.  If you feel a thread should be unlocked for new replies, simply private message a Moderator or the Community Manager.


Q: Why was my post deleted?

A: It may simply have been moved to a more appropriate category-- for example, a member may ask a video-related question under the Internet category.  It is also possible the post violates the  Community Guidelines


Q: What happens if my question isn't answered?

A: Any post that goes unanswered by the community for 24 hours will be replied to by the Moderators. 


Q: Do TWC/Spectrum employees monitor these forums?

A: Yes. In addition to the Moderators and Community Manager, several employees participate in conversations within the community as their duties allow.  Employee user names are coded green and tagged as Spectrum Employees for easy identification.  In addition, several of our product development teams use the forums to identify potential issues and to collect feedback.