"Weekly" and Weather Condition Alerts

Several times a week, sometimes 2 times daily, we receive the "Weekly" Test of the Alerting system (the obnoxious BUZZER and voice indicating the test.  It is alway at a higher than content volume and quite annoying ... I wouild not mind if it actually WAS WEEKLY.  Can that be corrected.  In addition, depending on certain weather conditions, we receive alerts. Thye are RARELY IF EVER for the county I live in (Horry).  Is there any way that you can target the alerts to the areas they pertain to.  Again, the alert is quite obnoxios in sound.  Thanks.


Re: "Weekly" and Weather Condition Alerts

The volume level is determined by the federal government and is designed to get your attention in case of an emergency. 

We had tornado warnings in the Charlotte area yesterday and we heard that sound all afternoon about every ten minutes, but I was happy that it was there.