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When spectrum went all digital, my recorder with digital tuner and hard drive would of course no longer work. So, when I ran out of recorded programs on said device, I started using "on demand". Taht worked fine, but since I could not record, I replaced the set top box with one that could record. "On demand" just doesn't seem to work. All I get when I enter on demand are movies that Spectrum wants me to rent. There are no user manuals that help. Talking to a Spectrum techie is hopeless.


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Are you saying that you cannot access other categories in On Demand, such as networks, free movies, etc? How do access On Demand (the On Demand button on the remote, channel 1, 500, 1000)?


The online support page suggests that you should be able to press the On Demand button on the remote, then press A to pull up the various categories.

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I assume you are looking at the On Demand portal and not looking at just movies on demand. The On Demand portal for ALL on demand services (rent or free) can be accessed by pressing the On Demand button on your remote or by choosing On Demand from the menu on the left side of your screen when you first power up your DVR. By default, the On Demand portal selects movies first. Most if not all of the first categories of movies are for rent. You should see different categories of movies including free on the right 2/3 of your screen. On the far left side of your screen, you can move from movies to TV shows, networks, genres, etc... where you can select programs you don't have to rent. As always, if none of that is working for you, try unplugging the DVR for 30 seconds, plug it back in and make sure it gets any necessary updates. If none of that works, then you most likely either have a defective DVR or your programming needs to be updated. Either way, you will need to contact TECH SUPPORT.

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Remember- On Demand Shows Are NOT Recordable



You CANNOT RECORD Video on Demand.  Even if you have a DVR service.  On Demand movies are shows stored on Spectrum's server and than uploaded to the box, that are available for viewing.  Time varies by type of On Demand Shows.  Note the following:


1.) Free On Demand- Is available to you if the base channel is in your subscription. - The ability to Fast-Forward shows is at the descretion of the station owner, and may not be available.  Content includes movies, shows, and series.


2.) Premium On Demand- Is offered if you subscribe to the premium channel in your package. - For example, if HBO and Cinemax are in your package, you get the corresponding On Demand channels for them.  Fast forward, rewinding , pausing are available.  Shows and series are offered for weeks to often months at a time.


3.) Movies on Demand- These are Movies that you pay to see,  Generally $2.99 for Classic Movies to $9.99 for Same day DVD releases.  Average cost is $6.99.  Moves are available for 24-48 hours, sometimes up to 72 hours.  You have full rewind, fast-forward, pause  capabilities during that time.


4.) On Demand for Shows and series takes generally 2-7 days to show in the Menus- The TV stations control when On Demand shows are made avaliable, NOT SPECTRUM  nor any other TV vender service.  Missing shows on On Demand content needs to be reported to the stations website or social media platforms (i.e, Twitter Facebook.)  You will need to wait for seven days, and than report the missing shows and episodes, provider name, and city, state, and zip code to the station.




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thanks. I exchanged the recorder. The new one works fine.


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thks. echanged one works . Thanks for helpfullinfo


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when trying to view OnDemand once again received the server unavailable message.  OnDemand eventually came back up but I had to the show from the beginning and since can't fast forward, had to watch the entire show again.


When can I expect a credit from Spectrum for this service interuption?

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