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What happened to H2 in the channel lineup

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On February 29, cable network H2 was rebrand to Viceland.


This change has been made by A&E Networks, which owns H2.  They made the decision to rebrand H2 as part of an agreement with Vice Media. A&E Networks has indicated that some of the most popular H2 shows will move to History Channel.


Viceland will feature programming created by Vice Media.  This will include original series and documentaries along with short films.  The target audience for Viceland is millennials and young males.


You can visit to learn more about the new channel.


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Re: lost channel

I would like to make a formal complaint about this H2 channel being changed to Vice. I paid extra to get H2 and it is one of my most favorite channels. Now with it gone I am missing my favorite shows and not getting my moneys worth anymore. If TWC could put a formal complaint tp A+E about this I would appreciate that. I realize TWC did not remove the channel but I pay you guys for my programming so you should have some control over what networks do.

Vice is a very offensive channel and does not qualify as a replacement for a good educational TV channel like H2 that kids and adults can enjoy. Teachers can even use the H2 channel programming in classes. The programming on Vice is horrible and very offensive and no kid should have access to it. Sure we can block it but how is that worth the money we pay for the extra channels. Vice does not even belong in the same spot as H2 right next to all the other educational programs.

If anything can be done to persuade A+E to bring back the H2 channel PLEASE do it. Also if TWC wants to at least bring some kind of compensation to it's loyal subscribers how got ripped off by A+E then PLEASE give us another educational channel to make up for the loss of H2. The one that comes to mind for me is Nat Geo. I for some reason do not get the basic Nat Geo channel in my expanded channel lineup even though I get Nat Geo Wild, Animal Planet, Science Channel, Destination America, and many others the basic Nat Geo channel was not included. I could never figure out the logic behind that but for now TWC can trade Vice for Nat Geo that would make myself and I'm sure many other people very happy and possibly make up for the horrible loss of H2. If I had a choice I would rather have H2 back but that seems like it won't happen.

I'm ready to escalate this request so please customer care send this up the line for some kind of consideration by upper management. I am seriously considering downgrading my package or cancelling the service all together if no resolution can be made to compensate for the loss of the H2 channel.

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Re: lost channel

You may want to also reach out to The History Channel to voice your complaint as well.

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Re: lost channel

But what good does it do if you can't view the Vice channel now either?  Surely it isn't considered a "Premium" channel that you would have to pay extra for, like HBOI, Showtime are.  I already pay for the 200+ channel package and have never been able to watch anything on it.