channel lineup

how does spectrum figure there channel line up. for instance the select package says it has 248 channels. to be honest it really don't feel like theres 248 channels in that package. do they include channels in the lineup's that i would not include like PPV and the music choice channels that and all of the duplicate channles like of the weather channel and hallmark and a few others!!!

Proven Sharer

Re: channel lineup

If you count all of the viewable channels in the package but leave out the music, you should get the same number - 248.  Duplicates in SD vs HD are each counted separately. 

That doesn't mean you are required to watch and enjoy every one of them.  Other customers will certainly have different lists of favorites in that package than you do.  And some content providers, especially sports, require that a bundle of their channels must be carried as a group rather than individually.