When will we be able to set up streaming while logged into our account?

Right now I know of 2 streaming options for Spectrum. The only reason I know about them is because I searched for information and found hints and clues on the internet.


I am a spectrum customer with Internet and Phone service.

WHY can we not see information about the streaming service options when we're logged into our account? I mean... HELLO... STREAMING... an activity that very much involves the network and yet it seems we have to call and speak to a human on the phone in order to set this up. That seems counter-intuitive.

ALSO... when I used the online chat to speak to someone about this, I was told that adding streaming service would NOT qualify me for a Triple Play bundle discount (I currently have Double PLay with Internet and Phone) ... because Triple Play requires me to get a DVR box.

What good does a box do me if I'm streaming? And if I opt-in for the new Cloud DVR service, why would I be at all interested in a box?

It appears as though Spectrum is having issues coming fully into the streaming model. I am very much interested in having my internet, phone, and streaming service all from one source, but that source must be equipped to deal with me in an updated and appropriate way.

So ... when will we be able to configure streaming services without human intervention (and the hard sales pitch that accompanied the last one)?

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Re: When will we be able to set up streaming while logged into our account?

They would risk losing broadcast subscribers in larger numbers. May sound a bit cynical, but think about it... people could just drop broadcast and go to streaming and save money.

So, basically, it is something they market specifically to "internet only"customers, mostly through paper bills or bulk mailing campaigns.
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Re: When will we be able to set up streaming while logged into our account?

The two options are:


1.  In-home streaming.  This essentially allows you to watch / duplicate your video subscription on compatible devices in your home.  You make use of the app, must also be a Spectrum internet subscriber, and must by on your home LAN to view the full lineup of channels subscribed to.  There is no added cost for this feature.  Video is delivered over TCP/IP (IPTV).  You can watch on your TV with a Roku.


2.  Spectrum Choice.  A relatively new service, which allows you to view your local broadcast TV stations (that Spectrum has an agreement in-place to carry), plus 10 additional PayTV networks of your choice.   Not every payTV network that Spectrum carries is eligible for selection on Spectrum Choice.  You have 30 days afer signing up to change in/out the 10 channels.  As a new customer, you would probably be eligible for a new customer discount.  Like the option above, you will also need to be a Spectrum Internet customer, and will have to be on your home LAN in order to view programming.    Video is delivered over TCP/IP.  You can watch on your TV with a Roku.


Other OTT video providers (SlingTV, YoutubeTV, DirecTV now, Fubo, etc.) are not tied to an Internet Service Provider.  Services from Spectrum are.


I cannot speak about Triple Play bundle discounts with Spectrum Choice, but you SHOULD be able to get a Triple Play DIscount if you add Video to your account (and go with option 1 above), since that would be a "full" video package.  I don't know if Spectrum Choice qualifies for a triple play discount.


If your goal is to be able to watch TV wherever you are (home, vacation home, while on travel, etc.), Spectrum Choice may not be the choice for you (no pun intended).


Re: When will we be able to set up streaming while logged into our account?

As far as Option #1

Buying a cable TV package at full price and then simply streaming it by using the Spectrum app is not something I'm interested in at all. I WAS a cable TV subscriber. I had TiVo and cable cards. When I signed up they brought in a cable DVR. I said, "I have no use for that". I was told I had to take it as it was part of "the bundle". So it sat on a shelf in the basement, shrink wrapped as they had delivered it, and was still in that same shrink wrap when I turned it in. Now, in fairness, a lot of this went on before Spectrum took over Time Warner. I was encouraged by Spectrum's move to faster internet and I am hopeful that some of the inflexibility of the previous administration gives way to keeping up with the current trend in entertainment delivery.

Spectrum Choice is just one of the streaming packages available. There is also one called "Essentials", but since it has no local stations in it, it's not very essential to me. I believe Spectrum Stream is also still a current product, so that would be THREE streaming choices... none of which are available without a phone call as far as I've been able to find.

And if a service is only available to Spectrum Internet subscribers, that's acceptable, but when I am logged in to my Spectrum Account, they KNOW I have internet and phone so they know I'm an internet subscriber and since they give me an "Add TV" button, I have to believe they also know I don't have a TV package.

I am encouraged by their entrance into streaming delivery and even moreso with the advent of the cloud DVR service (which I have confirmed is available in my area). I just find their execution a bit lacking.  And I don't believe they'd lose existing terrestrial-based cable TV subscribers in any kind of substantial numbers. But to deliver local stations with a few extra cable-only channels thrown in AND have the ability to record them could attract a lot of cord cutters as this would be an EASIER solution than putting up an antenna and dealing with all that entails. 

I get something like 56 channels from Philo for $20 a month including cloud DVR. If Spectrum could come up with a package that was just my locals... all of them.. for $20 I'd be the first one in line shouting "please take my money!"

They already have streaming capability (Spectrum app) and they have the cloud based DVR. Now it just comes down to a matter of provisioning. Checking boxes. "For this account... turn this on...."

I remain encouraged. 


Re: When will we be able to set up streaming while logged into our account?

And... I just found Spectrum Stream and Spectrum Choice among the selections for "Add TV" when I'm logged into my account.

However there is no link to any kind of channel line-up for them so you really can't compare them to see what you're getting.

I do have a link to the Spectrum Choice channel line-up provided by Spectrum in response to another thread.  I should not have to come to the forums to find that information though. 

I would be interested in a similar link for the Spectrum Stream product. I can find such a list in articles on the web by tech publications, but an official Spectrum link would hopefully be the most current (and official) information.