TCM Live on Roku TV

I have Spectrum Silver package which includes TCM and I get live movies fine on all TVs except my new RokuTV.  I go to guide, click on Channel 25 TCM and get a blank screen.  When I click select on Spectrum clicker, I get a list of free movies I can watch on Demand, but I cannot get a picture on the movie currently showing.  This is the only channel with which I have this problem.

Proven Sharer

Re: TCM Live on Roku TV

So just to summarize, you have several different TV sets, each with their own set-top box or DVR rented from Spectrum.  The set-top box connected to the Roku TV has a problem receiving TCM, all of the others work 100% on every channel in the silver package.


What are the make and model numbers of the Roku TV set and of the set-top box?

Have you tried connecting the Roku TV to a different box?

What's your ZIP code?