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It occurred to me, while considering other TV options, that DirectTV's primary offer to attract customers away from cable is the NFL pass. The ability to watch any game that is on- I am certain there is a measurable amount of customers that have left cable just because of this one offer. Interesting enough, it is reasonable to consider that most of these people are only interested in watching one team, most likely the home town team that they moved away from and can no longer see them. Imagine that, the power of one.


Suppose the Spectrum MyTV profile setting was equiped to be able to choose a network from a different city. So if I live in Charlotte, but I grew up in Atlanta, I could access local Atlanta news or the local sports game, by going to my Spectrum profile. More so, what if this software enhancement was available to access from my Spectrum TV menu? So I could watch the Panthers on my local channel and also flip to the Falcons when I choose. Or, if there was a tornado going on where my parents live, I could see the local news for that area and satisfy my worry.


The software could be designed to only provide local commercials, to not skew advertisment data from different cities. Think about it, how many DirectTV customers would return to Spectrum because of this one enhancement? One customer at a time, this type of software enhancement would be an industry slam dunk. Thanks!


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Yeah...except Directv and the NFL would never allow that to happen as long as they have a contract in place.

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Yep.  There are 1.5 billion reasons the NFL Sunday Ticket is a DirecTV exclusive.


My cable bill is high enough...

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For viewing weather in a distant city, how many different cities would you expect Spectrum to provide?  AND, are you and all your neighbors willing to give up that many channels of video content just to watch the weather all across the country? 

Local OTA TV stations are dropping their in-house weather radar feeds because of operating costs, or they charge exorbitant fees to allow the cable companies to 'buy' the content for each local area.   Cable companies will insist on being able to insert their own commercial advertising to recover the costs of carriage.