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Re: Stop hijacking the Power On Channel to send messages


This is from the Columbia, SC 29203 market, but this practice shouldn't be policy anywhere. 


Spectrum may have important information to send out, but the minority of people that will be affected and who ignore messages on their bills or ignore emails will also immediately switch away from the information channel as well.  The policy of hijacking the Power On Channel is not reaching significantly more people while forcing customers to jump through extra hoops to return to the status quo.



My feeling is that your South Carolina division is not intending to be annoying by over-riding the Power-On Channel.  I think they are trying to do it to help, but don't realize that what they are doing is far more of a hindrance than a help.  Your division should be contacted with feedback concerning what the other state divisions are doing with regards to the shutting off of analog service and use those methods instead.  Maybe this whole URL link needs to be sent as feedback to your market?


Some good alternative ideas in here from the community!  Thank you!




Re: Stop hijacking the Power On Channel to send messages

Yes I agree please stop. I understand that you want to inform everybody of the upcoming changes but once I have seen this message do I really need to see it over and over again?

Once I change the setting back to the starting display that I want why must I change it again every 2 days just so that I can seen that you are going to change to full digital again. Then be forced to change the starting display screen again. Is there some way I can stop this it is more than a little annoying.


I am in Hawaii.

On Time Warner's old system. The local company is Oceanic.