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Spectrum to Launch New On Demand Premium Channels

Spectrum is pairing up with AMC (American Movie Classics) to launch a premium VOD/streaming service coming to STB's. Pricing will vary.  Options will include the following channels:

*AMC Premiere- Like the AMC channel now, but without ads.
*Shudder-Horror movies and series
*Sundance Now- Like Sundance channel but with no ads.
*UMC- Urban Movie Channel- Movies, series, and sitcoms, geared for African Americans.
*Acorn TV- An American subscription service offering television programming from the United Kingdom, as well as Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Spain. (Commercial Free.)

I saw the Halloween-Movie (1978) version in a search on my ODN Navigator box, but it said that "Your current subscription (Gold) does not include this channel." With an option to upgrade. I also have the Guide set to the "Subscribed" filter so I don't know what channel number it will be when it comes, or even if I have a purchase option already. Whether or not this is coming to a package like Spectrum Gold, I do not know.

Hopefully, it will remain Ala-carte to keep package costs reasonable.

More info here:

»newsroom.charter.com/pre ··· stomers/


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Re: Spectrum to Launch New AMC Premium Channel Package



Learned that these channels are NOT part of a package at this time.  They are all Ala-Carte with  individual purchasing.  Instant Upgrade on some boxes is on channel 2495, and those stations to which you do not subscribe will be listed as options for monthly rental.  Prices will vary. If your box does not have an "Instant Upgrade" channel, you will have to call to order the channel(s.) if interested.


Use care when ordering, especially if you do not have Parental Control Purchasing Pins set.  System Defaults and confirmation screens are set to "Yes."  You will need to use the arrow keys to change your request to cancel, or just change channels to get out of the screen.