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Spectrum On Demand

What is On Demand?


Video On Demand (VOD) is a digital service that lets Spectrum TV service subscribers watch popular TV shows and movies at their convenience.


Is On Demand included in my package?


Yes, your TV package includes on demand programming at no extra charge. Some content, such as new release movies, is available On Demand for an additional charge.


What content can I access with On Demand?


Your subscription level will determine the content you can access. However, some networks or programs may not be offered On Demand.



How do I set up parental controls?


What is a purchase PIN?


A purchase PIN can block certain types of content based on TV or movie rating and restrict On Demand or Pay-Per-View purchases. Learn how to set up a purchase PIN.


What is Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD)?


Subscription Video On Demand channels are not automatically a part of your regular Spectrum TV package and may require an additional monthly subscription.


Which SVOD channels are available for subscription?

Anime Network
  • Programming includes animes in genres, such as action, adventure, comedy, drama, mystery, science fiction/fantasy, romance, thrillers and horror
here! Monthly
  • Serves the gay and lesbian community with movies and series, none more explicit than an R rating
  • Roughly 40 hours of programming per month is available, with a 50% refresh rate per month
Karaoke Monthly 
  • Offers 500 songs across the following six genres: Country, Kids, Oldies, Pop, R&B/Hip-Hop and Rock
Disney Family Movies
  • Offers movie titles, classic animated shorts, and other Disney selections
  • Features eight new movie titles per month
Too Much for TV
  • Includes uncensored versions of television shows such as Blind Date and Stag
  • Hours of uncensored comedy, uncut music videos, uncensored celebrities, adult animation and imports
  • 50 hours of programming are refreshed monthly
Playboy TV
  • Includes uncensored movies and TV shows from Playboy
  • Features at least 40 hours of On Demand content each month