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Severe downgrade.....will discontinue service

I am just about ready to discontinue service (can’t honestly even call it service). I have been a faithful TWC customer for almost 15 years.  Since Spectrum has taken over Time Warner, the service has gone completely downhill. The available movies and programs are the same selections over and over and over again. I cannot believe that I am paying to watch a handful of movies and reruns. You have also removed functionality from the app, and virtually every recorded show is unavailable to watch on the iPad. I used to be able to watch most recorded shows on the iPad.  I am extremely dissatisfied with your service.


I am only posting here because the feedback you allow through the app is extremely limited (character limitations).


Re: Severe downgrade.....will discontinue service

Hello @Notafan2


The programming aired on each channel is at the discretion of the network broadcasting that content. We would have no control over that.


In regard to the app accessing recorded shows on your DVR to watch through the app, this has never been a feature in the app. The app can manage current recordings and set up recordings but is not able to view them remotely.


If you are referring to the OnDemand content that is available through each respective network, this content is provided to us at the discretion of the network who owns the content as well.


A list of content that has been made available to us can be viewed here:

Spectrum OnDemand Library


If the content is listed there but you are not seeing it in the app for the OnDemand content, that is something we would want to further investigate.


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