Re: RT Television is gone???

Your speculation isnt helping anyone. Fact is RT is gone. And I want back. SIMPLE.

Dont complicate things with sappiness.

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Re: RT Television is gone???

@Posada wrote:

RT covered how the sanctions against Venezuela is preventing teleSUR journalists around the world from getting paid. And the next very day, RT is GONE.


Got to warn you about Dish,


They lose channels EVERY TME there is a contract fee dispute and the customer never gets them back.  This isn't about speech censorship.


Did you know that TWC was one of the first systems to offer Fox News?  Many Fox News watchers also are interested in The Blaze, which legacy Charter has on its systems.  On two occasions, TWC went to Glenn Beck  who owns The Blaze and wanted to add it at the same rate that it had been offered to legacy Charter systems.  Beck wanted a ton more money, almost the equivalent of an ESPN sports channel  And sports channels are the most expensive to rent to customers and maintain.  Truth is, if ESPN was dropped from your line up and its sister stations, everyone's cable bills would go down about $25/ a month.  Disney/ABC, the owners of ESPN's Networks, refuse to move the station to TWC Sports Pass or to Spectrum Gold.  Sports programs are the main reasons for the cost of cable TV increasing.  And the amount we pay, doesn't even hold a candle to the amount that the cable/dish provider has to pay to show these sports games and events.


Think of the cost of one ticket to a baseball game, a tennis match, a world championship boxing match with good seats.  And that's just for ONE MATCH!  That's how much the provider tries to regulate costs to keep the rates within reasonable limits.


But on The Blaze, both times, Glenn Beck said "No." and was unwilling to accept the The Blaze be a part of Spectrum's newly acquired TWC/BHN's former systems for legacy Charter's old price.  This is the same reason why Russia TV probably wanted too much money for a new contract, Spectrum decided that the viewership wasn't there, so they did not feel the need to work on a new contract.



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Re: RT Television is gone???

But it isn't "gone". Dropped from Spectrum's lineup, but that is not denying your access to the content.

Took me just seconds to search, install, launch, and start their live feeds on their standalone Roku app. It offered me 4 different LIVE streams to choose from, as well as on demand archive content.

It is readily available FOR FREE... so why PAY for it?

Re: RT Television is gone???

The primary effect of Spectrum's eliminating the English language channels from Russia,

France, China, and  Japan is to reduce our City's international standing. Plainly political given that two Israeli channels have been added.


Perhaps they were able to get more money from CNN, Fox, and NBC by making theirs the only news available. The net effect is harmful to the public iterest and should be condemned on that basis