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Program Interrupted by Commercials

Why are you airing Spectrum and Volvo commericials in the middle of a program? You are not pausing the show, you are interrupting the program and causing viewers to miss that portion. I have never seen such unprofessionalism. Use the commercial break provided by the network to air your commercial. Plus, you do not need to advertise to people who already subscribe. Please stop! 

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Re: Program Interrupted by Commercials

Ads are sold at many levels. They can be sold at the national level, and air in all markets. There is a cost for that.

There are commercials that can be sold in a given market, and there is a lesser cost for that.

Then ads can be sold as local insertion ads on a cable system. There is a fee for that, too.

These all tie in to the network feed. And like any good programmer, the network is supposed to provide a script for when each commercial break is scheduled to occur, and what type of break, and what each portion of the break is scheduled to air.

Mistakes are made, and not all parties are notified of last minute changes, which is why you may see rough cut ins to the network feed.

The world isn’t a perfect place. I am sure spectrum didn’t buy that tier 3 ad time to only send the ad to their subs, but i imagine they bought market ad time, which is probably inserted at the station level, so the onus is probably on the station and not the cable company.

What network was the ad aired on?