Premium Networks and HD Issue

Can anyone provide the straight scoop as to whether ALL the Premium Networks, e.g. HBO, MAX, SHO, Startz. StzEnc, Epix, TMC, are now in HD as displayed when I view my Channel Guide using the Spectrum Website or via the iOS TV app? According to a rep at my one any only local store in Hilton Head SC, the answer is YES. According to the tech I got when I contacted Spectrum, I was told a bit of jibberish about tools they have to check things and that some are still SD only as they have always been going back to when we were TWC. I am not sure if the issue centers on whether one was previously a TWC customer before the merger with Spectrum, or whether I started my service with Spectrum. But considering I pay a lot of $$ for the Premiums, independent of the cable package I have, you should get whatever signal level they provide to any subscriber. But what do I know - I just pay the bills.

Help Please!


Re: Premium Networks and HD Issue

I am in a former TWC area, now on a Spectrum plan, and a couple of the duplicate premium channels are in SD. I'm not in front of my tv or on my home network to check on my phone, but I'm pretty sure I have a main HBO channel in HD and one in SD. Same with Showtime.