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Out of Our Market channels

Why does the customer not have input when Specrum chooses to drop a local TV station in favor of one further away.  The local one carries news, weather and sports for our living area while the station that remained on the aire does not cover our viewing area.  I was told that there were no email addresses, names or phone numbers in which to register my concern.  I was told that the change was made by Spectrum.  This is more than frustrating. 

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Re: Out of Our Market channels



I apologize for the frustration.  From time to time we do make certain changes in the services that we offer.  If you would like to reply with the channel impacted, we will certainly submit your feedback that this is a channel you would value having as an offering.   You can also provide feedback at our channel request link:  https://www.spectrum.com/channelrequests


James M.
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