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Spectrum,  please change the on demand menu back to the way it was with twc.  I can't find anything.  It's ridiculous and not user friendly at all.


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I apologize for any issues. Thank you for that feedback we have forwarded that up for you. 


You can view the On Demand through the previous set up. You can hit the guide button 2x and select On Demand. You can view all of the On Demand "channels" like you did previously. 

Prime Time On Demand

Music On Demand

Entertainment On Demand.


Just use the arrow up and down until you reach the one you want and hit select. 


You do not have to use the On Demand Portal. 


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Re: On Demand Menu

Will it only show Movies on Demand on the MOD channel or do I need to wade through all the channels ? (I’m not home to try right now, but I’d like to know so I can tell my family.
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@WotV On our test box we have been updated. The On Demand Portal 

has now been made as the default option. You can scroll through the options

on the left to decide what kind of programming you want. You can select "Movies"

and then scroll down to "free movies" "new Movies" " Dramas" "Family" etc


You can also select Networks so you can view what is available on each 



The Portal can be a bit overwhelming until you adjust to it. I encourage you to leaf around

in it, there are so many ways to narrow down to just what you are looking for.


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Re: On Demand Menu

I have scrolled through it many times. Once I look at the first 20 or so, I look at a list of titles that are meaningless to le without seeing a cover. They also show movies from all pay channels. I want to see JUST MOD. It was so easy to find a newer movie or search by genre.

Truly, lumping them all together isn’t going to make me buy epix or scroll through hundreds of titles.

This is not user friendly. You can look and see that I have purchased many movies in the past. Anything recent (not many) might have been on the front menu.

No more browsing for us. If MOD isn’t reinstated, we can just invest in a roku and apps. This is ridiculous.