On Demand: GoT season 2

Season 2 has disappeared from On Demand. When will it be restored?
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Re: On Demand: GoT season 2

Subscriber access to On Demand program material is controlled by the distributor, not by Spectrum. 


Re: On Demand: GoT season 2

As an HBO subscriber through Spectrum, you can also use the HBO Go app and have access to all episodes directly from the network. 

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GOT Season 2 missing on demand

Just started watching Game of Thrones recently so I could be caught up for this 8th season but on multiple occasions so far, episodes or in some cases complete seasons are missing from the content. Currently season 2 is missing but was there yesterday.

Re: GOT Season 2 missing on demand

Availability of On Demand content is largely determined by the content provider (HBO). I would recommend using HBO Go with your Spectrum log in to have access to all seasons and episodes (better user interface too).